spotting Red Squirrels and exploring Plas Newydd gardens

The most memorable and enjoyable day of our trip for me was definitely visiting Plas Newydd mansion and gardens. We couldn’t go into the house due to COVID restrictions, but we were more than happy to just wander around the vast grounds due to how beautiful it was and the great weather. We primarily went there to see the Red Squirrels as well. Living in middle of England B and I had not seen a wild Red Squirrel in many years! The last time I saw a wild one was as a child, and we both had seen them in a caged sanctuary in Norfolk a few years ago. We always see the big Grey Squirrels, which are cute but are sadly an invasive species that have caused a decline in our lovely Red Squirrels. So it was fantastic to see the Red Squirrels thriving on Anglesey at Plas Newydd. The house is situated on the bank next to the Menai Strait, with great views of the water. It is very grand, dating back to the late 1400s, and is surrounded by carefully designed gardens filled with flowers, pristine lawns, and woodland. It is now owned by the National Trust.

I thought the windows were stunning.
We didn’t get many pictures of the Squirrels that were good but here is the best one!
It was so relaxing to walk around the grounds, weaving in and out of the woodland.
Beautiful water lillies on the ponds.
Flowers were out in full force.
The leaves on this plant were enormous! That piece of wood next to it is actually a bench!
Busy busy bees everywhere…
I believe these are mainly decorative these days. One would hope.
Stunning views of the Menai Strait.
And then as we were on our way out this little one surprised us!
It then legged it up the trees lightning fast.

All in all, a memorable day. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “spotting Red Squirrels and exploring Plas Newydd gardens”

  1. What beautiful grounds to explore, and what a wonderful looking historic house. Such a shame you couldn’t go inside. And those red squirrels are just adorable! 😍

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