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  • a Red Kite for your Sunday
    Went for a lovely wander today at a place called Barford Wood and Meadows, which is a small-ish nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire. It is made up of meadows and a portion of woodland, and it used to form part of the local Rockingham forest. It was quite difficult to find, … Continue reading a Red Kite for your Sunday
  • a few spring things
    Just some Spring pics for your feed Κ• α΅”α΄₯α΅” Κ”
  • snaps from Devon
    It’s been a while since I last posted! I took a bit of a break as I had a lot going on and didn’t want to force myself to post for no reason. But now that the weather is getting better and the spring flowers are blooming and the baby animals are flourishing, I’m feeling … Continue reading snaps from Devon
  • January birds
    Hello hello. It has been a pretty cold and miserable January so far in my part of England but there have been occasional sunny and mild days, and I’m glad to say that B and I have been able to get out for some walks in our local area. We are attempting to spot some … Continue reading January birds
  • a few lovely books from 2021
    Last year I wrote a post about the books I’d liked reading the most over the year, and I’m continuing that tradition this year! 2021 was quite a busy year for me, with getting a new full time job and moving house, and trying to cope with all the changes stemming from COVID. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading a few lovely books from 2021
  • the fluffiest Peregrine Falcon
    Can it be anything other than a lucky sign to spot a Peregrine Falcon so soon in the new year? I don’t think so! This one and its breeding partner live on the roof of a local church and this is the first time we’ve been there with camera and binoculars when one of them … Continue reading the fluffiest Peregrine Falcon
  • happy new year
    Wishing a happy new year to anyone reading this and good health, happiness, peace and prosperity to everyone. πŸ™‚ I was supposed to be going to a house party but that fell through, so B and I ended up staying home, having a few drinks and watching Nicolas Cage beat murderous animatronic puppets to death. … Continue reading happy new year
  • hello little kingfisher
    Took a little stroll by the canal recently and was delighted to see this adorable kingfisher flitting about! It’s the first time I’ve been able to capture a decent image of a kingfisher so I was very excited and pleased that it hung around for a while, apparently not bothered by my presence. After a … Continue reading hello little kingfisher
  • sleeping in a castle!
    B was very lucky recently to win a 2 night stay in a castle through his work, so after careful deliberation on my part (he wasn’t fussy where we went) I chose Peckforton Castle in Cheshire for our little break! It was definitely the right choice. Peckforton castle is apparently a Victorian country house which … Continue reading sleeping in a castle!
  • September walks and other bits
    How has it been almost a month already since I last posted? I’ve not had a lot going on this month I suppose. Work is taking up a lot of my mental and physical energy right now. Anyway, here are a few pics from the last month that I’ve saved.