January birds

Hello hello. It has been a pretty cold and miserable January so far in my part of England but there have been occasional sunny and mild days, and I’m glad to say that B and I have been able to get out for some walks in our local area. We are attempting to spot some otters which have been sighted in the river that runs through our town, however we haven’t had any luck so far on that count. We have seen many other birds though! Just yesterday we saw a Kestrel in the local park, and we also saw the Peregrine Falcon pair on the church again.

According to someone more knowledgeable than me, this one is a female. They both seemed to be having a good preening session, hence why the female has some fluff on her beak still!
We also saw a Kingfisher on the riverbank. I love seeing that flash of blue go past!
We encountered several Robins, of varying roundness and fluffiness.
This one genuinely might be the roundest Robin I’ve ever seen.
So cute!
Lots of blackbirds around at the moment too!
And we were treated to a lovely sunrise last week as well. πŸ™‚

That’s all for now!

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