a Red Kite for your Sunday

Went for a lovely wander today at a place called Barford Wood and Meadows, which is a small-ish nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire. It is made up of meadows and a portion of woodland, and it used to form part of the local Rockingham forest. It was quite difficult to find, I will admit, as there isn’t much in the way of parking, but we managed it! We saw a fair amount of wildlife, including some fabulous Red Kites, which were re-introduced to Rockingham forest in the 1990s after having been driven almost to extinction in England, and are now thankfully flourishing.

These birds can have a wingspan of approximately up to 2m! They mainly eat carrion and small mammals. It’s amazing to see them soaring overheard, as we don’t get very large birds of prey in England.

Here are a few other pics from the walk:

We also saw a Green Woodpecker, which was very cool. We did get some pics but it was very far away, so quite blurry!

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