walking around Beaumaris and Newborough Forest

Continuing from the last post, for this one I thought I would add some photos of where we stayed, which was a beautiful seaside town called Beaumaris, and a place we visited called Newborough Forest. Beaumaris means Beautiful Marshes, and the town is situated next to the Menai Strait. It is a picturesque town with a nice seafront and pier, cute seaside cottages, great views, a LOT of seagulls, and it also has some lovely shops and restaurants. It also has a stunning castle built between 1295 and 1330 by Edward I, which is a World Heritage Site.

So. Many. Gulls. Everywhere.
On the clear days the views across the Strait were amazing.
Fuzzy baby gulls!
The Menai Bridge.
Newborough Forest is on the south/west side of Anglesey. It is a huuuuge old pine forest. We actually went there to see Red Squirrels, but we didn’t see any on this occasion. It was still a lovely forest to walk around though. It comes right up to a sandy beach as well.

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