happy new year

Wishing a happy new year to anyone reading this and good health, happiness, peace and prosperity to everyone. πŸ™‚

I was supposed to be going to a house party but that fell through, so B and I ended up staying home, having a few drinks and watching Nicolas Cage beat murderous animatronic puppets to death. Seriously. It’s a movie called Willy’s Wonderland and, honestly, although it is arguably a terrible, terrible movie in so many ways, it was still hilarious and I fully recommend it. I’m ALWAYS down for shenanigans with Nicolas Cage. Particularly if it involves puppets.

In other news, we haven’t been out much in nature due to the rubbish weather and being busy over the Christmas period. When we have been out on short nature rambles we haven’t seen much of interest either, which has been a bummer. Crossing my fingers for either the weather getting nicer, or getting snow/frost so I can at least get some cool wintery pics.

Here’s a few miscellaneous pics from the last month or so anyway.

Particularly misty day at a local reservoir.
One highlight of December was cat-sitting for our friend. He was a delightful guest, despite attacking the sofa at every opportunity and stealing food.
Red Kite. Probably the best photo I’ve gotten of one so far.
A line of Starlings on our neighbours aerial.
Activity at the feeder still going strong! The Jackdaws love the monkey nuts we leave out for them.

Looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings!

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