Penmon lighthouse and Lligwy Beach

On the greyest day of the trip to Anglesey we decided to take a drive from Beaumaris up to Penmon point, to visit Penmon lighthouse. Also known as Trwyn Du lighthouse, it sits just off the coast on the Eastern side of Anglesey. It was built around 1835 by James Walker. Notably, in 1816 a paddle steamer called the Rothsay Castle ran agound nearby, causing a massive loss of life with 130 people dying in the accident. This event played a role in why the lighthouse was established at that time.

The coast near the lighthouse is pretty rugged, with many rocks and a pebble beach. Ideal for rock-pooling.
A natural cave. So interesting to see the layers of rock above it.
Lots of slimy bits in the rock pools!
There were Terns everywhere, which were a joy to watch! We didn’t get many good pictures as they are so fast! There was probably about 30 – 50 (a very rough guess) of them swooping about just off the shore, diving into the water. We sat on the beach to watch them for quite a while.
And of course there was plenty of gulls scoping the joint.

After this we drove further up the coast to Lligwy Beach, but the weather had turned worse by the time we got there so we didn’t stay very long. However, here we did see a sandbank with Sand Martin nests!

You could even see the little babies peeking their faces out! It was the most adorable thing. The adult Sand Martins were busy swooping around the beach and every so often they would fly straight back into the nest to feed the babies. It was amazing to see.
How cute are those little faces??
Here’s a cropped version.
Mum or Dad turned up to feed them for a split second.
Some more babies in another nest hole.
The just look so adorably grumpy.
Mum and Dad turning up for a brief feed.
There were quite a few nest holes!
As beaches go, Lligwy beach was a nice sandy beach. I imagine on a warm sunny day it is much more enjoyable.
We were hoping to maybe see seals as well but we didn’t on this occasion. We were exceptionally excited about the Sand Martins though so honestly it was a great day.

And that’s all for this post. πŸ™‚

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