an Easter weekend ramble

B and I went for a nice stroll last weekend to Pitsford Reservoir again, which we’re much closer to now that we’ve moved house. It was a GLORIOUS day, as my dad would say. Blue skies, warm weather, sunshine, and it was delightfully quiet in the wooded nature reserve area to the North of the reservoir. It was the first day for me that actually felt like Spring. As per usual, I took lots of snaps.

This was the second rat we saw. It sat there completely still for a good few minutes before realising that we were definitely watching it, and scampered away into the foliage.
We saw plenty of pheasants pottering about.
This bird of prey landed on a post in front of us, but flew away when we tried to get closer. Possibly a buzzard? It looked pretty big!
Greylag Geese I think?
We saw lots of Muntjac deer! We had to sneak around a bit and be very quiet, because as soon as they heard/spotted us they would freeze, making them almost impossible to see. This is the first time I’ve been able to take a good photo of a wild deer as well. They’re so tiny and cute for an invasive species.
This one gave us a good side eye. Pretty sure if it could speak it would’ve said something vaguely along the lines of “yeah keep walking pal”.
Sweet little Coot by the water edge.
I was honestly hoping to see some Lapwings but they didn’t seem to be around on this particular day. Maybe next time!
As Swan nests go, this one looks great. Good job dude!
And of course at this time of year there are little lambs everywhere, which is just lovely to see. I don’t eat meat and I always hope the lambs I see are destined for a nice long life chilling out in fields and eating grass, as opposed to the alternative.

And lastly, I think this might be a contender for the world’s roundest sheep? Let me know if you agree.

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