a few from the feeder

Between work and a lot of online shopping for furniture (and now, the occasional pub trip, hallelujah!), I’ve continued to snap the visitors to our feeder so far.

After the first coconut went we left the empty shell on the feeder and started leaving a few monkey nuts in it every now and then. The jackdaws seem to have quickly clocked this new development, and now they land on the top of the feeder regularly to check out whether there are any tasty treats inside for them. Usually within about half an hour of filling it up, all the nuts are quickly snapped up by a steady stream of jackdaws. I love watching them. There’s something adorable about seeing them grab a sneaky peanut and make a hasty exit. They will then usually land on a nearby roof to try and smash off the shell.

Some of them now don’t even land on the feeder though, they swoop down, hover and grab a peanut, and fly off. Cheeky sods. They’ve also worked out that they can cling onto the hanging stations and peck at the fat balls, which they are definitely too big for but somehow manage to do anyway. This results in a lot of wild swinging and undignified flapping. You’ve got to admire the determination though.

When we have a fat block in the station we will sometimes position it near to the basket, because we noticed that some of the birds would try to peck at it from there. The jackdaws are the most adept at it, being quite large and clever.

The starlings are also happy to have a good go from the basket. They usually prefer to land on it though.
The most adorable gang I’ve ever seen, honestly.

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The sparrows, I believe, are house sparrows.

This little lady blackbird is a frequent visitor now. She’s quite brave as well, we can actually open the door and she won’t fly away unless we venture into the garden. B loves it when she sits on the fence or wall and fluffs herself up. As far as I’m aware blackbirds tend to feed off the ground but I have seen her perch on the basket once or twice.

How do you do, Mr Blackbird?
Can’t end the post without a chunky pigeon, of course.

And that’s all for now!

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