new house, new birds!

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I have a very good reason for that which is: I moved house! So combined with working in my new job, I’ve been super busy the last couple of months. Feeling more settled in now, so I’ll hopefully be back to posting fairly regularly.

The new house is nice and in a lovely area, which also seems to have a plethora of birds. Everywhere you look there are sparrows, starlings, jackdaws, and pigeons hopping about. I love it. We’ve even seen what we think was a Sparrow Hawk sitting on a TV aeriel, and we’ve seen several Buzzards and Kites. B and I put up my bird feeder in our new small garden and we’ve had so many visitors to it already. I’ve gathered a few snaps.

The Starlings are frequent visitors. They absolutely LOVE the coconut, and decimated it within about a week. We also spotted jackdaws, magpies and sparrows having a go at it. We’re waiting a little while before we replace it, as we want them to make some progress on the other seed blocks/balls first.
As you can see, they’re still hopeful they can get a few more pecks off it.
We get lots of sparrows. I’m not sure if they are house or tree sparrows? Need to get some better photos. They mostly seem to live in a bush in one of our neighbour’s gardens and have become accustomed to quickly popping over the fence to ours to get their breakfast lunch and dinner.
The pigeons are always around, of course. They were the first to brave our feeder, paving the way for the other less brazen birds.
One of our starlings is tagged.
Since the coconut’s been finished they have started on the square block and seem to have no trouble hanging off it.
I love their feathers. They have such beautiful colouring.
The way they catch the light is stunning.
And last but not least, I was only able to get a few snaps of the Sparrow Hawk and they’re not great quality but I’m adding this one in anyway because it was very cool to see it from our living room window!

2 thoughts on “new house, new birds!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve moved to a lovely area and a thoroughfare for birds! Nice captures of the colourful starlings in the light, they are simply beautiful. And how exciting to see a sparrowhawk! Welcome back to blogging. πŸ™‚

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