we had snow!

If you’re reading from somewhere in the UK you’ll probably be well aware that most of the country got covered in a hefty amount of snow at the beginning of this last week! And not just a tiny bit of snow, it was a good six inches where I am. This is extremely rare for the part of England I live in, so it was pretty exciting. It was beautiful, and to be honest quite refreshing for the soul just to have something to be excited about again. It certainly broke up the depressing monotony of a January spent in lockdown. So of course I got out and about and collected some magical snowy pics!

My neighbourhood! The large structure in the middle is an ancient monument called the Cross, which is grade II listed and dates from the medieval period. It is a standing cross, which is a free standing upright structure. They were erected for various reasons, such as religious significance, marking boundaries, a place for public proclamations, commemorating battles, etc. There could have been up to 12,000 crosses but now there are only about 2,000 remaining apparently.
The skate ramp at the local park
Down the lane to the fields outside my village
The cow field! I hope they were somewhere toasty and warm and safe. I didn’t see any.
B came along for the stroll! I think he enjoyed it, despite getting blasted by snowflakes and icy wind for most of it.
I enjoyed it much more, as you can possibly tell.
My dogs seem to like the snow as well. Ben (above) does get a bit freaked out by snowmen though. Tess absolutely loves catching snowballs, which is pretty fun.

One thought on “we had snow!”

  1. I love your snow photos! It doesn’t snow where I live, except for one day last winter when we had a once in a lifetime good drop of snow, it was magical, I’ll never forget it! (Your dogs are gorgeous too! 🧑)


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