a weekend of waterbirds

Oh January. Why do you suck so much.

I’m honestly so. fed. up. of. this. rubbish. weather!

I also started a new full-time work-from-home job recently (which is going well!) so I have way less time now to go on nature rambles and write blog posts. I’m pretty much limited to the weekends now with how dark it still is at 5pm. And with lockdown confining me to my local area, and the weather consistently being utterly horrible, I’m noticing a definite impact on my mood.

Anyway, I took a stroll to a local pond recently to get some much needed fresh air and exercise, and of course to feed the ducks and swans. I say pond, but it is quite a large body of water. It must not be large enough to class as a lake though? Who knows. The trek is actually about an hour there for me, and it is across a bunch of fields, so it’s not one I plan to make often. Especially when the fields are so water-logged and the paths so muddy! It’s hard work.

Question: why do swans always look a little bit like a clique of mean girls judging you?
Lovely formation chaps, keep it up!
Spot the upside-down headed weirdo of the flock
Dashing male Tufted Duck
And his lovely female friend
The Mallards, of course. Literally impossible to have a duck post and there not be Mallards. They’re always chillin’.
Cute Coot
Flock of gulls
Swans are honestly so extra
We do love a chunky Moorhen
Here is where the real bird-watching expertise comes in right? When you can tell the difference between types of female ducks, who all look annoyingly similar. Safe to say, I’m not there yet.
Juvenile Swans
“I’m ready for my close-up”
And a sneaky Mandarin! I had heard through the grapevine that we had one pottering about. I call them fancy ducks, for obvious reasons.

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