a few things from Dec…

The past few weeks have been quite chaotic, as usual for this time of year, even with the pandemic. I had a lovely Christmas, that being said I am glad that it’s over with.

The weather has been abysmally cold and wet here so I haven’t been out much, and when I have been out I haven’t seen a whole lot of wildlife! Seems they’re being smart and staying cosy in their nests and holes, I suppose.

So here’s just a few things from the past couple of weeks.

Grey Heron, Cossington Meadows

We usually see this heron on our casual rambles to Cossington Meadows. He is very large, and easily spooked.

A charm of goldfinches in my local area
Another cute robin. They seem to be the only bird I can regularly get a decent photo of! Not complaining though.
Wood pigeon at my feeder. Note the other one flying up behind to start a scrap.
I do love how ridiculous and un-graceful they are, crashing about in the bushes.
The blackbirds that roost in our apple tree like to peck about at the bottom of the feeder.
Moorhens by the river Soar. And a sneaky crow.
The Soar, by Normanton
Some gulls chilling on the Soar
I was quite surprised that they didn’t fly away when I got close. I think this is a black-headed winter gull? But I’m not sure.
A frosty pony
I don’t know what plant this is but it looked pretty in the frost

And that’s about it. Really hope that the weather improves soon so I can get out more.

I have seen a few other types of birds at my feeder and out on walks, but getting photos of the more interesting ones seems to be difficult. I saw a kestrel while out at Cossington, and some cormorants, lapwings, and egrets. At my feeder I’ve seen a few small birds, most of which I have yet to identify, although I definitely have seen robins, great tits, blue tits, dunnocks, and a very shy magpie. I also saw two large birds of prey hovering very high over my garden, I think buzzards? I was delighted to see a starling on my neighbours roof just this morning, looking stunning in the sunlight.

B very kindly gave me a pair of decent binoculars for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to identifying more birds in 2021!

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