September walks and other bits

How has it been almost a month already since I last posted? I’ve not had a lot going on this month I suppose. Work is taking up a lot of my mental and physical energy right now. Anyway, here are a few pics from the last month that I’ve saved.

Blackberries are in full swing here now.
One of the many feisty Starlings which visit our feeder regularly.
Moorhen friend.
Swan enjoying some tasty bits.
Juvenile pheasant I think?
Any else feel like Squirrels always look suspicious, like they’re up to no good?
A Red Kite with a slightly janky tail.
Silhouette of a Buzzard I think.
We found some impressive looking Fungi recently.
Little Moorhen family!! Look at those fuzzy babies.
We encountered this friendly little one-eyed cat with his/her cone of shame. Bless.
Female Sparrowhawk which went for the little Sparrows in our neighbours garden, didn’t catch any and then sulked on the top of the roof for a bit.
Another Red Kite circling overhead.
Sneaky bun.
Black headed Gull.
“You lookin’ at me?”

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