flowers and birds at the manor gardens

It’s been a quiet month for me. And also weird. The whole world seems weird at the moment, right? It can be hard not to let your mood get bogged down with so much negativity and bad news swirling around. Sometimes you have to take a step back from everything and just find some peace somehow. For me I guess the best way to do that is stay off social media and get out into nature more. Anyway, random introspective thoughts aside, here’s a few pics from August.

B and I visited a fancy manor garden earlier this month. I won’t say the name of the place though, because they seemed to be a bit funny about people taking pictures. It was gorgeous and smelled amazing.
Chickens are so cute. It’s the fluffy pants for me, honestly.
And then there was this majestic creature. He was HUGE.
The flamingos were a surprise. As beautiful as they are, I presume their wings must be clipped because they sure as heck aren’t native here. Which is kind of sad. Apparently they are fed a special diet which gives them the characteristic pink colour.
Another non-native fellow. The Fulvous Whistling Duck. It took me ages to find out the name.
Fantastic blue beak! Again though, a little sad that they’re probably captive.
Not far away from these gardens is a small-ish lake, so we stopped by to feed the ducks and whatnot. Spotted this black-headed gull having a little rest on a sign.
A Coot. Dashing as always.
Because we had food it was pretty easy to get some nice close-up shots for once.
The Canadian Geese were being characteristically mean as usual, nipping at the ducks and not even trying to eat the food themselves. I expect nothing less from Geese to be honest.
Juvenile Moorhen! So gawky looking.

And that’s it for this post. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “flowers and birds at the manor gardens”

  1. Beautiful photos, looks a lovely place to get back to nature and forget about the goings-on in the world right now. People are funny aren’t they, why wouldn’t they encourage people to take photos and even share them on social media, especially when they have beautiful grounds for people to enjoy.

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