a boat trip to Puffin Island

On the last day of our trip we took a boat trip to visit Puffin Island, which is a very small island off the eastern coast of Anglesey. Puffin island is uninhabited by humans and is a wildlife refuge for birds. Due to this we did not step foot on the Island and went around it in the boat keeping a good distance from the thousands of birds flocking there. It is a Special Protection area due to its large Cormorant colony and has many other birds such as Kittiwakes, Razorbills and Guillemots. It also has Puffins!

The cliffs are very steep and many birds can be seen sitting in the cracks of the sides as well as near the bottom.

I loved seeing the Puffins bobbing about in the waves. We also saw Oystercatchers, Great Black-Backed Gulls, and seals.

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