bird watching at South Stack Cliffs

B and I went to stay for a week on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales at the end of June and had a fabulous time! We saw a lot of wildlife, and one of the highlights was visiting the South Stack Cliffs RSPB Nature Reserve on the North-West coast of Anglesey on the first day of our stay in Wales. South Stack Cliffs is a very impressive rugged landscape on the coast, with a pretty lighthouse at the bottom, surrounded by crashing waves and thousands upon thousands of seabirds. Sadly the lighthouse was still closed due to COVID safety restrictions but as we were mainly there to try and see the Puffins and other birds we didn’t mind too much. The weather was great as well, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day and we did in fact get sunburnt! Quite different from the weather I’d been led to expect by most people I spoke to before going. Anyway here are some pictures of our day there:

The view to the South of the nature reserve.
The lighthouse.
There were thousands of Guillemots and Razorbills chilling out on the side of the cliffs.
There are two puffins in this picture! It was hard to spot them amidst the thousands of Guillemots and Razorbills, who all look conveniently similar from a distance. I thought we would see more but unfortunately they only get a few breeding pairs at the cliffs now, as Puffins are on the decline due to over-fishing of the sea by humans. We spoke to an RSPB employee who was telling us that they are not very good at either swimming or flying, but are having to travel further distances to find food because humans are taking it all. It was rather sad. I’ve been vegetarian for about 4 years now and am transitioning to vegan because of things like this.
Here’s a closer version. They were quite far away so it was impossible to get a good picture but we were hyped to see them in the wild nonetheless.
I mean, look at how many there are! Incredible.
There were a few bobbing about in the sea. I wished I was in there with them, to be honest!
The flora was pretty too.
The road leading up to the nature reserve is peppered with Foxgloves. The most I had ever seen in one place in my life. We walked back down it and along the coast until we reached Trearddur Bay, which is a village and small seaside resort. The walk along the coast was stunning and we saw barely anyone, but it was also rather punishing and took a few hours to do.
Cute little Pied Wagtail along the path.
A Hooded Crow! I’d never seen one before so that was pretty cool.
A little beach along the way. Despite the sunshine the water was very, very COLD.
A Rook. By this point I was utterly exhausted so pictures were few and far between. Even though we were sunburnt and knackered by the end it was still an amazing walk! For a first day in Anglesey it didn’t disappoint.

More pics to come of the trip. πŸ™‚

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