a beautiful day at Rutland Water

Took advantage of the glorious weather today to go for a walk at Rutland Water Nature Reserve with B. The most notable spots of the day for me were: an Oystercatcher, some Blackcaps, Mediterranean Gulls, Lapwings, Egyptian Geese, a Little Egret, Cormorants, a Grey Heron, and a quite frankly ridiculous amount of Canada Geese with their little families of adorable fluffy Goslings. And of course we saw the usual ducks, swans, blackbirds, blue tits, robins, etc. We also encountered a great many sheep and lambs in the fields around the reserve, which was lovely to see. They were very curious of us! I didn’t take too many pics as I was more just enjoying the weather, to be honest. Here are a few though:

Mediterranean Gull
Oystercatcher. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before today. Pretty cool bird.

As cute as these babies are, I wouldn’t risk going anywhere near them! Those Geese don’t mess around.

A sweet little Robin by the feeder at the entrance of the reserve. There was a very cute moment that we saw where the Robin got spooked by a rat near the feeder, which it evidently hadn’t seen yet, and it did the most adorable little jump of surprise.
A Female Chaffinch, I believe.

That’s all! ❀

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