snaps from May

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a fancy bird, no time to talk”
One sleepy looking Grey Heron.
Great Crested Grebe!
Just some innocent canoodling on the water…
Pretty pink sky over my neighbourhood the other day.
A new friend at the feeder. Collared dove.
Ms Blackbird looking for tasty floor seeds. The ring holding up the water bowl broke and fell down so for now the water bowl has been relegated to the end of the garden.
Mr Blackbird.
House Sparrow on a rainy day. I expect the cold and wet is the reason he looks so mad.
This scraggly juvenile pigeon stopped by for a visit and chilled on the wall. Not sure if it was with his/her parents, there were two adult pigeons on the ground at the time. They really do resemble unfinished muppets.
So fuzzy.
Male House Sparrow showing off his grey crown.
He’s pretty fluffin’ cute and he knows it!

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