my new feeding station

So, the bird feeding station that I ordered arrived earlier this week and I was very pleased to be able to set it up in the back garden. It was fairly easy to assemble and seems quite sturdy! I have placed it at the end of my back garden, where it is open enough to be visible to birds but where there are also a few trees dotted around nearby for cover.

I had to make do with some seeds and nuts I already had, but I have since filled all but one of the feeders.

The block feeder has been an interesting one. It is half gone already, although I think this has more to do with our neighbours dog getting into our garden and having a good go at the fat block inside (I had moved that feeder to the lower arm but have now reinstated it at the top again!). Anyway, the offending dog’s escape route from his own garden has since been blocked again so hopefully there will not be a repeat of this.

I have been checking on it daily and although I have yet to see any birds at the feeding station I have noticed more birds in the area than I did before. I have also noticed signs of pecking at the hanging feeders, and each day the nuts and seeds I left in the upper tray disappeared.

I am debating whether to get a squirrel baffle for it. I know there are squirrels in the area. As much as I do love those cheeky devils, I would rather my bird seeds and nuts go to actual birds. I think for now I will wait and see if I notice any obvious squirrel activity.

If anyone reading this has any helpful suggestions regarding bird feeding stations, I’d love to hear them! This is the first one I’ve ever put up. I am hoping that in time I will be able to sit on the bench at the bottom of my garden and watch the birds feeding there.

On another note, today was the first time I saw a wild Kingfisher! I took the dogs for a walk up by the canal and I was on the lookout for Kingfishers as a good friend in the village told me they had been spotted there. I was very excited when, having been stood at the side of the canal for all of 10 seconds looking around, a little Kingfisher landed on a wooden post only several feet away from me! It sat there for about 5 delightful seconds and then shot off to the other side of the river, where I lost sight of it. Needless to say, I was buzzing for the rest of the walk.

I shall take my camera with me next time and try to get a picture.

4 thoughts on “my new feeding station”

  1. That looks fab! The only tip I would give is to make sure the feeders are very close to a hedge or tree so they can dart for cover quickly if danger comes – whether cats, dogs!, or predatory birds. If they feel safe they will come in numbers. We put out peanuts and a mix of wild bird seed with sunflower hearts and we have a stone bird bath. Visitors include sparrows, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, chaffinches, greater spotted woodpeckers, starlings and occasionally goldfinches. Robins and blackbirds feed on what’s dropped and robin tries to copy what the spadgers and tits do!!

    How wonderful to have seen a Kingfisher – they are so quick!

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    1. Thanks for the tip! I might need to move it closer to some cover. It must be wonderful to have so many different types of birds at your feeder. I’d certainly love to see all of those at mine eventually! Bless your little robin. They are too cute! I couldn’t believe my luck seeing the Kingfisher so close and so fast. Hope I see it again!

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