some of my favourite animal pics

Well this combination of lockdown restrictions and cold, bleak weather has got me feeling a little demotivated and restless, like most people I imagine. So I decided to compile some of my favourite animal and creature photos I’ve taken in the last few years as a way of remembering some of the fun nature experiences I’ve had.

Marsh Harrier, Rutland Water
Swan family, Norfolk Broads
Sneaky rat, Rutland Water
Fuzzy rams, Rutland Water
Cormorants, Pitsford Water
Early morning grazing sheep, Leics
Egret, Willington Wetlands
Young swans, Norfolk broads
Chunky pigeon, Stratford-Upon-Avon
Lapwing, Pitsford Water
Squirrel taking a peek, Rutland Water
Horse chums, Rochdale
A dunnock, I think? Rutland Water
Canada Goose flock, Pitsford Water
Sleepy Ducks, Amsterdam
Egyptian Goose, Amsterdam
Sleepy Red Panda, Amsterdam Zoo
Sea critter, Amsterdam Zoo (actually don’t know what this is but I just love it)
Jellyfish, Aquarium at Ikebukuro, Japan
Axolotl, Aquarium at Ikebukuro, Japan
White Geese
Baby seal, Brancaster Beach
Couldn’t do an animal post without adding my babies! Tess, border collie
And Ben, also a border collie

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